I have deleted my Twitter and Facebook profiles. I feel like a new human being.
The last bridge I want to burn is Whatsapp, this is going to be difficult. #Sheeple #DeleteFacebook #DeleteTwitter


re: Whatsapp

I've tried . fail. (nobody else in my circle wanted to use it)

I tried . fail. (nodbody else in my circle wanted to use it)

I tried (). fail. (choose between battery killer and not actually receiving any messages)

I tried . fail. (won't work without google services)

I tried . fail. (half the time messages just don't get delivered)


Not sure where to next, but if you find something, let me know ;)

@falgn0n @fatboy thinking about it, they say that Signal are secure and private, but if they use Google Play Services (such like GCM/FCM for notifications), I have some doubts about their privacy.

@falgn0n @fatboy then using WhatsApp or Signal basically is the same, with the same root problem, but with other own problems of each app.

WhatsApp has the main community, but even with the privacy advertisement, it's really questionable.

And Signal, it's cool and paladin of privacy, but again, you will need to use GPS to work properly, not cool (and less safe).

That's how I see this problem.

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