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Before signing up, please read our Community Guidelines:

We are a casual social community for all people everywhere who want to take back their privacy and their freedom
We are just one node (aka "instance") in a global decentralised network

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We Do:

  • ..build community owned co-operatives and mutual-aid networks
  • ..want to build a nationwide mutual-aid collective (in South Africa)
  • ..welcome all people from all walks of life
  • ..encourage #moneyfree trade through sharing, skills exchange, freecycling and #PayItForward networks
  • ..encourage healthy discussion and debate around meaningful and constructive topics
  • ..stand in opposition to exploitive capitalism and the consumer culture
  • ..recommend both 'Sunbeam City' and 'Lunarpunk Space' as GREAT alternative instances to join or follow
  • ...(also accept suggestions and comments regarding this list)

We Don't:

  • ..charge for this service
  • ..track you, mine your data or feed you ads
  • ..permit excessive advertising (in the timeline)
  • ..disrespect our environment or the Earth
  • ..permit (or tolerate) hate-speech, racism, sexism, trolling or harrassment
  • ..permit nudes, lewds or porn

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