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I'm trying to find plans or instructions for a CEB press made of wood, if such a thing is possible. Buying a bunch of steel and welding it together probably just isn't practical for the group I'm working with.

Can anyone help?

#introductions (more like #reintroductions, oh well)

hello, peeps! i'm bee, a moderator here on and a big nerd. i hail from spain.

i like #anarchism, #dnd, #FLOSS, #witchcraft, #homestuck and #solarpunk

i dislike cops and fascists

very glad to be in the fediverse, contributing to making this a safer place :)

Osada is Being Sunsetted

Development has ceased on one of Mike Macgirvin's latest federated platforms. Instead, he is opting to continue work on Zap, which only uses Zot6.


diamond-encased radioactive material as power crystals. half-life of 5000+ years, powers any little thing you need forever. emphasis on little, but theyโ€™ll get more efficient? if they can run a pacemaker (which they already can), they can run a bionic limb! artificial muscles that depend on chemical potential energy like organic muscles and only require electrical stimulus to contract would be way more efficient than the kind of robot parts weโ€™re building today.

we should make a sunbeam city/solarpunk zine.

would anyone want to co-edit with me if we made a call for submissions?

A world where lawns are replaced with gardens, where nobody has to worry about where their next meal comes from.

Where people are free to pursue their passions, there are no countries constantly brutalizing and attempting to colonize others, and perhaps no countries at all.

Where resources and food are properly and responsibly distributed worldwide - particularly out of the global north, but also away from the wealthy and wasteful to those who are wanting.


Hardware and software are both fully open, allowing anyone to build what they need.

Education, healthcare, and services are free, and anyone can pursue the education they want and follow their passion.

The internet as it is now is replaced from its current state to a fully open, fully federated network that anyone can easily set up their own servers.

ISPs cease to exist, and the internet becomes managed by those passionate about maintaining a free and open web.


A world where people have professions and occupations, but not jobs. Where people take roles in society, from farming, cooking, and tailoring, to art, engineering, and philosophy purely because it's what they enjoy doing.


Racism & ableism no longer exist. Animals are no longer harmed. Growing plants is encouraged everywhere. Medical care is free. Education is free. There are no exams. Life long learning is encouraged. Capitalism has been abolished. Languages that were lost are spoken in the streets. The air is clean. You can choose not to work. There is no stigma. Mental health is free. Creative content is free. There is no money. There are no taxes. There are no bills. Everything runs on green energy.


๐ŸŽ‰ ...aaaaand we're live! ๐ŸŽ‰

#introduction #mastoadmin

hello, everyone! we're Gentler Earth, a small instance for people who're making the world a gentler place through their online presence

we hope to meet you all very soon through federation or because you joined us ๐Ÿ˜Š we like all kinds of people

Where our energy is fully provided by green sources, coal and fossil fuel use come to an end. Technologies are researched to reverse the damage that's already been done to our air and oceans - not simply because we have no choice, but because in this future we are more conscientious, more responsible.

Finally, a world where our future and potential aren't simply motivated by personal gain - where we can push forward for curiousity's sake alone.


sci fi 50 years ago: what if humans of many different backgrounds worked together for a common good

sci fi now: what if computer bad

skipping floyd (it's too early ๐Ÿ˜ดโ€‹ )

... . moving on to ๐Ÿค˜โ€‹

Own The Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time

A short, practical guide for those considering worker owned cooperatives, made by GRITtv & TESA, the Toolbox for Education and Social Action. Featuring conve...

technology as we know it would be ended. Open hardware would allow custom machines to be made for different uses and access by communities to small scale manufacturing spaces makes this available to anyone who wants to participate.

The world would be the playground of creatives and hackers, truly cooperating and sharing ideas and knowledge free of incentive not to. It's unimaginably beautiful and freeing. #ThinkingUtopia

A world of beautiful coloured glass and finely sculpted buildings, crafted by people for no reason beyond wanting their world to be a work of art.

A world where the lines are blurred, technology works in harmony with the natural world, and all cities are also forests.

A world where all people's basic needs are met, where life is about pursuing dreams, rather than struggling to survive.


#FreedomBox software version 19.2 has been released to Debian Unstable! It will be in Testing (Buster) in ~10 days.

-23 updates to apps and features
-6 languages got updated translations
-13 people contributed


can anyone recommend any kind of system, strategy or approach as an alternative to for a coop to collaboratively, collectively and democratically manage their funds?

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