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I think I will start to have a look to the #gnusocial api, that will also allow #friendica accounts to use the app.
I have no ideas how long it could take and if I will succeed. I just want to give it a try.

Just started using for
Would be cool if there was a communal, self-hosted alternative to this. Where participating servers ping eachother

my work colleagues think I'm weird and annoying because I won't install google

"annoying" because the (proprietary) saas thing we're building is only tested in chrome and some of the buttons aren't working in

"weird" because I also say things like: "well, I value my privacy and I don't need those people spying on everything I do"

I'm not sure if this is cognitive dissonance on their part, or just pure ignorance.

* ... sigh ... *

Akira is on the right track to be fully funded, but we need your help.
Share the campaign, write a blog post, talk about it on your podcast, make a video about it, and help us reach more people. A professional UX design tool on Linux is possible!
#akiraux #linux #design #kickstarter #opensource

If you're an instance admin and want to incorporate democratic decision making from your users into running your instance, Sunbeam City runs a Loomio instance and we can set up a group for your Mastodon instance. I can also help with any questions you might have. Reply or DM me if you're interested.


Thank you for reporting me to me on my own personal site. In the future, I recommend you try the unfollow feature.

The revolution is providing

food (fresh and local)
housing (warm and personal)
healthcare (holistic and kind)
energy (clean and reliable)
communication (open and private)
transportation (global and efficient)
safety (personal and community)
and more besides

for everyone, for free, for ever

Ok, I purchased the domain and set up the service. It should be ready by tomorrow for people to start joining. is go!

#OpenStreetMap is a user-created detailed map of the entire world:

Like Wikipedia anyone can use or edit it, and the content is free and open. There are no ads or trackers either.

For apps, we would recommend OsmAnd for Android/iOS:

(OsmAnd is also available on @fdroidorg )

There's an English-speaking OSM community at who run a mirror of the OSM twitter at @openstreetmap

#AlternativesAtoZ #Maps #Mapping #DeleteGoogle

please interact with this toot to confirm federation is working

Perfectly sums up the lesson the vast majority of people on the left end of the political spectrum in english speaking countries desperately need to learn.

@p I mean there are plenty of jobs I could get without going to school. People paint the world as black and white, and say if you don't go to school you will die. Bs. I personally love farming. School has never gotten in the way of me farming. I grow pants in my windows every day. I hate the idea of working in a cubicle for the rest of my life.

I just want to give a public shoutout to @wordsmith who is in search of fellow poets to connect with here on Mastodon.

Like many of you, they have come here looking for creative freedom after the Tumblr crumble.

If you are a poet, or know any poets who would be interested in connecting with Wordsmith, please don't hesitate to reach out to them or reply to this toot.

Thanks! πŸ˜„

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