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Ouch, first post on Mastodon. On any public feed in fact, let's see how this goes! Cheers people

All through high school you hear this: Show more

Welcome to 2019, traveler from 2009. The brief:
-sysadmins are now "ops"
-servers are all just "cloud" something
-algorithms are "AI"
-DBs are "blockchains"
-Everything that spies on people is "smart"
Good luck. And update your CV with the above words.

To #fdroid users. #Mastalab 1.63.0 is available, you can now connect your #Peertube account(s).

- if you have difficulties for watching videos don't hesitate to change the mode in settings.
- you can follow/unfollow accounts and channels, rate videos and write/remove comments.

Upload feature should come at the end of the week.

Musk: "Let's do GITS anime cosplay on Mars, and merge with Skynet, goth gf."

Bezos: "I can't think of anything to do with this $150,000,000,000 but go to space."

Thiel: "I want to be immortal like Peter Weyland."

McAfee: "It's mathematically possible for me to fuck a whale."

Exploiting too much labor value is a medical condition whose only remedy is ending capitalism.

@LilMsK @Sappherin

ISO 3103 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (commonly referred to as ISO), specifying a standardized method for brewing tea


#introductions #introduction

I am willtochaos, and despite the unsettling name I enjoy and promote sensible order. I like to ask questions and challenge assumptions in a rather annoying and socratic manner. To date, no one has offered me hemlock, so I figure I'll just keep doing it. Will make minute distinctions between concepts for food.

I am new to SDF, and am planning to run a gopherhole containing works of classical philosophy in the public domain.

My other account is at @willtochaos .

Then, at some point, people got confused by the soviet union -- why are a bunch of communists creating a capitalist command economy -- and didn't bother to look up the answer.

So, certain folks started using 'communism' to mean 'command economy' -- because all those communists are doing it -- and 'capitalism' to mean 'market economy'.

And then, they wrote dictionaries.

Here's an illustration of what's wrong with the US. Killing her is fine for all but undressing her is 18+ only

#Mastalab with #Peertube: first tests.

- Follow/unfollow boutons should work tomorrow (like thumbs-up and down) and maybe comments.

I should publish a first release for tests quickly.

Last step will be the upload feature.

@dirtycommo A global network of interconnected commune hackerspaces with 3d printers, CNC machines and other micro-manufacturing hardware, sharing hardware designs, software source code and research documentation freely between each other to rapidly innovate technology and to share the benefits among all.

Core-i5 processor + 8GB RAM + Radeon R5 graphics and I can't play "Neon Code" ( on the lowest graphics. (For reference, I can play CS:GO on medium/low settings quite well) ... either is a shit game engine, or this game is badly designed in the graphics/performance department.

Shame, because it seems like a fascinating story-driven FPS/RPG experience ...

I believe in the human soul regnant over all laws which man has made or will make; I believe there is no peace now, and there will never be peace, so long as one rules over another; I believe in the total disintegration and dissolution of the principle and practice of authority; I am an anarchist, and if for this you condemn me, I stand ready to receive your condemnation.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

#anarchism #quote #bot

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