Alright I liked discord, but not anymore. Fuck discord. Fuck this. Fucking bastards.

Free concept for any #solarpunk / #tidalpunk writers: landfill mining. Villages settle next to landfills, building their houses out of compressed plastic bricks, burning methane for power, sorting melting and exporting raw materials, and composting the organic material to enrich the land for their food

Not just on land either: one of the world's greatest cultural centers is a floating city at the (former) site of the pacific garbage patch


All-In-One -
Beautiful Art,
Beautiful Music,
Beautiful Poetry,

I think you'll like this one:

the chorus is certainly pretty powrful, but I don't think it's better than the original. When I watch that video (the orig), it absolutely tears me up inside. This one gets kinda almost close, but not quite.
I think it's just a great song, and will sound great no matter who sings it (if they do a decent job of it).
Just my :)



Personally - my biggest challenge with masto is "finding content or accounts that are interesting to me".
Seeing a whole page full of toots representing a particular hashtag in a glance is good. I like it. My eye will be drawn to posts that display subjectively meaningful and interesting (to me) keywords or images.

No More War, Pestilence, & Poverty: How Renewable Energy Will Alter The Global Geopolitical Calculus - A democratization of energy supply is underway #oil

I'm not convinced. Anything that can be centrally controlled, will be.
Until we can use renewable solutions in a decentralised grid or system of microgrids that are directly owned by the people (and not some central service provider), we will continue to be at their mercy, which means they will continue to leverage as much profit out of us as they can.
Forgive my cynicism, but that is how I see it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

yep, it sure does play & loop (very smoothly)
Linuxmint 19 (Cinnamon) + FF 64

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