Avengers - Infinity War: Jigsaw Puzzle.
Expert Level.

Brand new(ish) phone - there's no freakin keyboard other than google Voice Keyboard ...
thehell am I supposed to enter a wifi password?

Thank the anarchogods for


One of those rare moments when she's not hiding in her burrow ...

All through high school you hear this: Show more

So far, 3 of them have germinated!

Here's a closeup of one:


I was wrong. You can edit your profile in
tap your pic, tap it again, tap on the paintbrush. ....
Thanks, @LilMsK for the tip 👌

Gna try and germinate these seeds:
Step 1. Remove all fruit from the (my favourite step. Om nom nom)
Step 2. Soak in water for 3 days (change water daily)

I know it's unlikely they'll fruit at all, and even if they do it could be 10 years from now. Still.

If your home timeline is empty, " Swipe Right" a few times to the "Federated Timeline", there are loads of interesting people there.
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Morning folks.

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