I'm wasted at this job.

I am a student at heart. I love to study and learn. If I am not learning, I am bored. It's that simple.

I would really rather spend all my time researching, speculating and experimenting.

I also love to just sit and watch how systems work. If I didn't have to "do whatever I have to do to earn money to pay rent and buy food" - I would literally just sit around and think about how all these systems work (and how to make them work better)

@falgn0n I'm like 73.7% sure that this is a much more common feeling than you may think. Completly understand you.

All the jobs I've had I would fired on the spot if I was wasted.


you have "fired" those jobs ... or ... you would have "been fired" (from them) ?


OH - you misunderstood what I meant by "wasted" 😆​

@falgn0n Time depriving the worker is a way of maintaining a system of work that keeps the worker having to live just to have food & shelter.
Thats why having a general strike for a 4 day work wk is itself a solution to poverty.

In particular, with enough time to recharge b-n weeks & still work on something else completely for one of those days, there would be a mass of people working on these problems at the same time!

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