Alright I liked discord, but not anymore. Fuck discord. Fuck this. Fucking bastards.

Free concept for any #solarpunk / #tidalpunk writers: landfill mining. Villages settle next to landfills, building their houses out of compressed plastic bricks, burning methane for power, sorting melting and exporting raw materials, and composting the organic material to enrich the land for their food

Not just on land either: one of the world's greatest cultural centers is a floating city at the (former) site of the pacific garbage patch


All-In-One -
Beautiful Art,
Beautiful Music,
Beautiful Poetry,

I think you'll like this one:

No More War, Pestilence, & Poverty: How Renewable Energy Will Alter The Global Geopolitical Calculus - A democratization of energy supply is underway #oil

Some solarpunk (SP) discourse that I saw on tumblr ages ago which inspired my involvement. Show more

hi there! sending love and greetings from Costa Rica. #introduction

We have Systems on a Chip: Raspberry Pi's (not fully open sourced) sure, but we also have ODroids, Beagleboards, Pine64's, etc.

We also have Linux based, FOSS Operating systems tailored to cell phone touchscreens: @kde 'sPlasma Mobile, @UBports Ubuntu Touch, and others.

Finally, we have @Purism Librem 5 that is our holy grail. Open sourced hardware. Open sourced operating system.

But we can't rely on just them. We need diversity and options.

Avengers - Infinity War: Jigsaw Puzzle.
Expert Level.

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Given that some CI-Systems and IDS currently are significantly impacted by the US-Government-Shitdown, take a moment to think about this:

Imagine if Let's Encrypt were run by the US-Government…

The free certificate authority, which is the largest and most widely used cert provider in the world is a significant single point of failure for IT systems all over our planet.

As much as I endorse their services, we MUST build equivalent alternatives in the EU, Asia, Africa, Oceania. #Neuland

Curious to know what #Mastalab feature is the most important for you :

A - Follow remote instances
B - Customize tag timelines in media only
C - Connect your Peertube accounts
D - Other

Extra : What could be improved for your choice?

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