Watching Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" and it turns out that hell is Venus and heaven is Earth.


I'm wasted at this job.

I am a student at heart. I love to study and learn. If I am not learning, I am bored. It's that simple.

I would really rather spend all my time researching, speculating and experimenting.

I also love to just sit and watch how systems work. If I didn't have to "do whatever I have to do to earn money to pay rent and buy food" - I would literally just sit around and think about how all these systems work (and how to make them work better)

I feel like federation is not working properly on this instance, but I have no idea how to go about testing or diagnosing my suspicion.
Any ideas?

I want to start a food garden, but it's against the rules where I live. How do I grow food secretly? #gardening

The Federation of Democratic Instances (FeDI) is growing!


we had THREE yesterday, two the day before, and wouldn't you know it - there'll be 2 again today.
Each time it's anything from 30 min to 2-and-a-half-hours 🤨​

All because would rather spend money on directors than on maintenance and our has driven off all the good engineers ...


When are we going to stop paying them and start building our own ?

@Osiris @LilMsK @falgn0n @ivan

3 hardware kill switches for Librem 5 Linux smartphone.

These three physical switches would disable cameras/microphone, WiFi/Bluetooth, and the cellular baseband on this upcoming privacy-minded smartphone from Purism.

When all three hardware kill switches are activated, it also triggers a "lockdown" mode. The lockdown mode will also disable various sensors on the device.


#Purism #Librem5 #killswitches #linuxmobile


There is no market solution to climate change because climate change itself exposes the utter failure of the market to distribute costs and benefits in a truthful way.

Oh wow, I've been missing on Mastodon for ages. What's new?

the most important step a person takes is the next one.

Forget Everything You Think (Thought, Will Think?) You Know About Time - Carlo Rovelli's Fascinating Hour-Long Lecture On The Nature Of Time


– “permanent surveillance”
– “massive data scraping” under the guise of fighting climate change
– privatization of our cities
#Alphabet/#Google keeps all the data

Green paradise or data-stealing dystopia? Toronto smart city sparks debate

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa offers online climate risk profiling tool

Wireguard now added to the buster branch and part of the base install.
Guifinet integration is pending. Maybe it might also be possible to link up with ham radio network tunnels.

Although a limitation there might be encryption not being permitted.

You know on Windows how you can press Ctrl and it'll spawn some contracting circles to show you where your mouse cursor is; is there a way to do that on Linux?

#accessibility #help #linux

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